Can anyone identify this plant?


Some recommend using mulberries as a sacrifice to the birds, on the theory that they prefer mulberries to what you’re growing (and if you’re growing cherries, birds will definitely be a problem). I’m not sure how well the theory works in practice; birds certainly love mulberries, but there are always more birds.


And in my case this mulberry is just past the drip line of the cherry tree … way too close.


The chicken wire only goes up 2’ and stays year 'round - easy for me to step over for grafting, etc. No netting on these at this time. Bird netting is draped over top support line only as needed and reaches down to chicken wire. Bird netting easily moved for harvest and taken down after harvest. It is only needed, say 2 months of the year.

Weeds stiffled by leaves held in by chicken wire. Need occasional maintenance - not bad at all.

Yep. Backyard sounds like a bird sanctuary.

Doesn’t. It’s an internet legend promoted by theoriticians in ivory towers that don’t grow squat. :blush:


Definition of mulberries.


heh heh … do I sense that you’ve had some personal unpleasant experiences with mulberries?


They have insipid flavor, the robins plant them everywhere, they can’t be pulled by the root after 8 weeks, the stinkin’ robins try to plant them on my car and deck. Did I mention I don’t like robins either?



These are growing on Vines in my field. Wonder if anyone can identify?


maypoo ,or passion fruit




Not sure it is ripe


Passiflora incarnata “maypop”. Definitely not ripe yet…



Thanks Chills, Must be from bird poop…I have these growing all over my front hill. Seems like they just came out of nowhere. Internet say to let them wrinkle before you try to eat them. Supposedly they are ripe by then and more sweet. I’mm going to leave the plants and see how it tastes. First FREE fruit I’ve ever gotten!! LOL


I heard (we have a couple of vines but have never harvested fruit) that it is hard to tell when good and ripe…they are best the day they are going to drop. (Just like most fruit I guess!)


They are never sweet when ripe. The seeds are covered with a flavorful pulp. Similar to a pomegranate. Blend the seeds strain add sugar and water.


Another weird wild plant at my place. Anyone maybe can identify?


Beauty berry?


Good call. I looked it up and it seems that’s it. I don’t see Any imposters out there. I have them all over the place here. Maybe I’ll make jelly!


I think it’s Ginger or Turmeric. Anyone might be able to identify? Thanks


Definitely beauty berry. Crush the leaves and you’ll smell something like a combination of pine and mosquito repellent.

They are edible, and should come off pretty easily in your hand. They taste like mild rose-water.