Can anyone identify this plant?


My ginger looks like this.

There are quite a few plants that look like yours.


Hmmmmm…mine are smaller leaves but similar. Only reason I say ginger or turmeric is I planted both near here and thought they were unsuccessful. I filled the ground recently and these came up. I would be very pleased if it we’re one of them.


Looks like turmeric


If they are just now coming up, they are kind of out of sink with the seasons
May be best to dig up and bring inside for the winter ?


Another weird plant I’ve never seen. Big thorns on the leaves? Weird…and a fruit.


It it definitely some type of solanum, looks meaner than the ones we have here. Maybe this one…


Damn. Definitely the Tropicla Soda. I’m going to poison them. Says it very invasive. Thanks HB…


Any flower people can identify?


looks like a saucer magnolia to me.



Definitely magnolia


Can someone identify this wild plant please.



#53’s edible, right?


This is the dish my friend made


Have you checked out the Plants For A Future website? They have a long list of Smilax species with a range of edibility ratings.


Thanks for the info.I will check


I don’t think you want to eat it unless you want a mouthful of thorns. Don;t know the name but they are nasty and a real pain to get rid of.


The tender new growth on greenbrier is very tasty , and good.
I love nibbleing on them


I agree, but at the same time I have spent two years killing it and pulling it up by the roots with my hands.


Perennial weeds