Can anyone identify this plant?


I have this little seeding growing in the yard . Can anyone identify what kind of tree it might be?

I hate to start a new thread just to identify a seeding. I thought it might be some kind of fruit tree seeding. I would like to know what kind of fruit tree seeding so I can think of using it as a root stock.


I need help with identifying this plant. It looks like a wild grape, i have many wild grape plants around it. But, the “grapes” are too bog and well developed for this time of year. At least compared to the ones surrounding it. I have no idea what it could be though, everything about it screams “Wild Grape”


It’s a grape.
Maybe a good one?


Turns out, it was a Concord type grape. I am not sure of the exact cultivar, etc., but it was dark purple, slipskin, with the same flavor profile. Regardless if it was a true Concord or not, it was a good grape. I am goaing to try to get some cuttings this winter to grow out.


Maybe, Wild raspberry planted by the birds? I have them all over my backyard and they get very thorny and the fruits r small. I pull them up and use the branches as mulch for my fruit trees and seedlings.


I have birds planted wild raspberry all over my yard too. Hard to get rid of them.but they do produce berries that have good flavor


I just discovered this hickory tree on my Ohio country property. I think it might bae a shellbark hickory.


Size and shape do not indicate shellbark hickory. It looks more like a bitternut. The keys are number of leaflets per rachis, color of the nut with husks removed, and the presence of wings on the sutures of the husk. Gather a few when they are fully mature and see what they taste like. If they are bitter to the point you spit them out, it is bitternut.


Although i haven’t tried the nut yet, the nut is larger than a shagbark hickory. I’ll let the nut cure for about two weeks. Most of the nuts on the tree are still growing and growing.


A typo error, green and growing not growing and growing,


I know what this is, its just so pretty (and not often discussed) that I figured I’d share.


hint: it is edible



Toona sinenis?



And in only 3 minutes…



I had this tree at one point but removed it to make room for some sort of fruit tree. Your hint of it being edible made it much easier to guess.


I have it too… the pink flamingo variety, but i want the usual one because it have a better flavour.


Where did you get the Flamingo one?

I got mine from Etsy (of all places) last year. Its in a pot, but has grown very well.



I got mine from a online nursery here…


do you recall which one?

Oh, wait… You’re in Europe, right? (trying to remember your flag…lol)



Yes, the nursery is from Portugal.


I have couple of plants grow in my yard. They looks like some type of fruit tree/bush seedings. Could any one here tell me what kind of fruit tree seedings they are. I just want them to be identified so I can graft the correct scion on to them
The plant #1:

The plant #2