Can anyone identify this plant?


They all look like


Fairly sure these are apricots…


Brady, fruitfruit, thanks a lot. Now, I got two new apricot rootstock that I can graft next year, wonderful


Another plant,I have several of them in the yard, looks like some kind of mustard, but I can’t recongnize the leaves. I thought it is a garlic mustard initially but garlic mustard has white flowers.
It is blooming, I need to either get rid of it or keep it before it spread million of seeds.
So what is the name of this volunteer plant? A keeper or else?


May be yellow rocket


Thanks. I think you are right . It may not be a good veggie but bee loves it so I will keep it for a while longer.


White mulberry.


I see thess growing at a house in the neighborhood that I take my daily walk . I have seen these two plants for past three years, grow in same place, in same fashion ever summer(they can grow real tall up to the roof). I have never got chance to ask the neighbor. But I am very curious to know what are these plants? Can any one identity for me?


Looks like a Blackberry or Raspberry.


That would be hops


Plant #1 is a pear.


seconded, hops. Thats the sort of neighbor you need to get to know.


Have this growing up the side of my house but have never grown anything that resembles it. Anybody have a guess?


The leaves look sort of like Moon Flower (Ipomoea) , a member of the Morning Glory family.