Can anything be done to stimulate a stunted tree?

I planted SpiceZee on lovell in 2015 and it has just not thrived. It looks healthy enough but will not put out any new growth. The scaffolds are thin and short. The tree is full of flower buds but vegetatively it is not progressing. I will take the tree out this summer if it doesn’t put out some new growth this spring. Will it help to really lay the nitrogen to it this spring? Also, would it help to snip the tips off the branches to encourage new growth?

Yes, and yes
I would pour the nitrogen to it . A lot , if the alternative is removal
.an cut back as much as possible …", make it fear for its life ! ! ! "
That should get its attention …
If not, likely a root problem , remove this fall if it don’t perk up .

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I assume you are not letting it fruit? If you have been letting it fruit pick all the flowers off so any energy in the tree goes to vegetative growth and not growing fruit.

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Take the Bible’s advice on this one. Luke 13:8. “Dig about it, and dung it.”

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No it’s never fruited. It’s flowered before but never set fruit.

I’m following this thread for advice you get, other than for cutting it down. I have an Apple tree that refuses to grow.

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A few years ago, I planted a bare root Winbloinbthe spring. I can’t remember a rootstock but it was either Lovell, Guarian or Halford. It sat there all season, very little growth,

That was not the way a peach tree should behave esp. the other two Winblo I gave my friends grew normally.

the next spring, I made a mound at a new spot, dug up this tree (almost no root growth) and replanted it. Since then, it has grown well in the spot/mound (with urea in the spring). My problem was likely to be the soil at the original spot, Not sure what it was but could be too moist.


Lean an ax up against it.

Oh, and give it a source of nitrogen too. If you want to be organic then cottonseed meal is a good choice, otherwise a water-soluble something like 21-7-7 (not lawn food). In either case follow dosing directions on the packaging and feed it throughout the growing season.


Agree with adding nitrogen, but you also want to keep the grass away from the tree 3 or 4 feet, especially if you have Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is very good with utilizing nitrogen and stunting newly planted trees. Grasses are better at capturing nutrients and leave little for the trees.

Sometimes potted trees will get root bound and continue to grow in a circle. Not much you can do after planting the tree.

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I like the Leaning an axe against it idea !
That surly will get some response .!

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Thanks Gary, that’s excellent advice for backyard orchard culture.