Can blackberry’s and raspberry’s cross pollinate

Can blackberry’s and raspberries cross pollinate

yep. loganberry, boysenberry and there are others.

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Alright, I put them next to each other so that’s good

Blackberries like slightly acid soils and raspberries more neutral.

Depending on species background blackberries tend to run further undeground to pop up everywhere while raspberries tend to stay closer to the mother plant.

Blackberry and raspberries can cross but it’s often considered difficult. The typical bb cultivar is 4x chromosomes sometimes more. While most raspberries are x2 meaning pollen may not set the fruit.

Last bloom times may not match.

Also it’s recommended that red raspberries not be planted near purple and blacks over disease transmissibility.

Native blackberries invalided my raspberry patch. Now the raspberries are dead and I’m considering extrema measures

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I have blackberries and raspberries and loganberries all growing in soil that runs 5.5-6.0 ph normally… and they are all doing very well.

I have one new bed with 3 prime ark freedoms and a loganberry, and room for one more… I was planning to put a black raspberry there (but my attempt to root cuttings failed)… I may just move a root shoot there to get me a black raspberry in the mix.

Eating the sweeter PAF’s and black raspberries mixed with Logans would be awesome !


They’re all self fertile so it doesn’t really matter for those purposes.

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I put the blackberry’s and raspberries together so I really hope that disease doesn’t jump. I noticed some holes in the leaves of raspberries and some yellowing on a handful of leaves so I don’t know.
Finally they are all potted under ground to prevent the suckering across the entire garden