Can figs grow near black walnuts?

I can’t seem to find a definitive answer as to if juglone will hinder or harm figs. Does anyone here have any experience growing them close to one another?

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The only thing growing well under my large wild black walnut trees is bush honeysuckle. Otherwise, it is empty.

I’ve cut down a medium size black walnut. I have yet to tell if it impacts the growth of other plants. I’m not sure how long the juglone can last from a dead tree.

Morton Arboretum has a list of a whole bunch of plants that grow well under a black walnut.
I was looking up service berries and currants when I visited their page last.
They say ribes are good as also amelanchier.
I did not see a mention of figs.
Let us know if you
find a definitive answer.

There is a bw overhanging some figs i have planted in raised beds, so no bw roots in the soil, but plenty of husks and leaves accumulate and rot there. Have not noticed any negative effects.

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