Can garden chemicals be dangerous for dogs?

Hello everyone! I need some suggestions from you guys. From the last few month, my garden plants are not looking healthy. In fact, I am afraid about their decay with time. So, I am planning to use chemicals as recommended by a garden specialist. But I also have a small dog at my home that I recently own from [mixed dog breeders Let me know if the garden chemicals are safe for dog breeds. I am very disappointed with garden. Thanks in advance!


Garden chemicals, household chemicals and many human foods like chocolate are all dangerous to your small dog which your likely are aware. I was very shocked to find out things like grapes were very harmful to dogs when i first got mine. When i was a kid we always had dogs but i never once gave a thought to what they could or couldn’t eat. Always assumed dogs could eat everything but was told antifreeze was deadly so keep them away from that and rodent poisons. Dogs do get into things so you will need to take the same precautions with them you do with small children. Welcome to the community this group can help alot with the garden. Chemicals are not always necessary in every situation.


I would think that any concerns you have for a dogs health should make you concerned for your own health.

Look up hazardous chemicals at and compare them with the active ingredients in what you want to use. I always read these with a paranoid mindset as sometimes the EPA allows stuff that the EU would not.


You mean like water? That’s a chemical. Your soil is also made out of chemicals, so are the plants and the air you breathe.

Can you narrow it down a tad? What are you trying to fix?

My dogs eat chocolate a few times a week. I keep bars of Hersheys with almonds in my fridge… im addicted to the tryptophan which helps me sleep i think… love the taste as well.

I think the rule of thumb is 1oz per lb is bad for dogs. So they dont get 20oz each and they are healthy and never get sick… stools look great as well. At most mine get a half oz each… tails wagging.

Personally i think that chlorinated tap water over the life of a dog is bad. Most of the time the owners that dont drink their own tapwater give it to their dogs without a thought.


Very interesting i do drink chlorinated water the same as my dogs. Once i did a speech over chlorine advising in large quantities that its dangerous. These dogs stole chocolate from my roomates purse anytime they could when she was alive. The last time they threw up the tinfoil wrappers all over my house it was a big mess. They ate a full bag of choclate. They were some very sick dogs. Your point is true enough about chlorine. In the speech i said who would take a fish home from the pet store and put him directly in tap water? It was an attention getter because what i said was true pet store fish die quickly enough if you dont add dechlorinator to the water or allow the water to sit before using it. If it kills fish should we drink it? Is that the canary in the coal mine? What gave me the idea was many years earlier i was at a large chemical company and there were fish in huge ponds around the tanks. Leaned over saying to one of the plants employees that i didn’t understand the out of place cement ponds circling the tanks. He whispered back when the fish die run but it will already be to late. Always remembered that about what i saw that day.

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Are you a fish? This is somewhat snarky, I admit. But, not everything that harms one species harms them all. Take onions, grapes, and chocolate - all dangerous to dogs, but ok for most humans (barring allergies).

Personally, my risk/benefit analysis prefers chlorine over cholera. :woman_shrugging:



Agree with you completely noone gets out of life alive. The point that i was making and i will stand by is there is no question at all chlorine in large quantities is deadly. In small amounts it does prevent problems in water. When in doubt let it sit over night on the counter and dissipate from the water. The point i was making to them is chlorine is not a chemical to play around with its deadly and we need to make sure excessive chlorine is not added to water when uneccesary. Here is proof but you likely already know Chlorine Poisoning: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments. The points here all valid but pay attention to this part of the article " Chlorine poisoning can occur when you touch, swallow, or inhale chlorine. Chlorine reacts with water outside of the body and on mucosal surfaces inside your body — including the water in your digestive tract — causing hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid to form. Both of these substances can be extremely poisonous to humans."


Oh yes. In large quantities, yes, choline is dangerous. I would be surprised if anyone would argue that. But, the amounts in tap water? Sure, dangerous for an aquarium fish, but not a human. One could probably do some math on dose, concentration, and body weight of the fish vs human and see that tap water:fish does approach a level dangerous to humans. Maybe? The dose makes the poison.

My point was comparing tap water to aquarium fish and implying tap water is harmful to humans is a leap.

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Yes i agree with you as long as the workers in treatment facilities dont think more is better but sometimes they do and they need to alert the public if they bump chlorine amounts but they dont say when they change amounts. Specifically that town had major water problems and there water smelled like bleach. There river is very muddy, contaminated with ag chemicals and industrial pollution. It’s an old story but water is life or death to the people who drink it. Both you and @krismoriah have valid points. Life is a balancing act.

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Chlorine can’t even kill giardia. I make coffee and tea to rid chlorine. Doesn’t work on Florine though.


You can smell chlorine that is still within harmless levels. If there is too much you would know. If you are curious the standard amount of bleach to purify water is 1/4 teaspoon to a gallon of water. Mix a gallon of distilled water to 1/4 teaspoon and see how strong the smell is.

Heck a deadly compound is acetaminophen (Tylenol), the leading cause of liver failure and the cause of 450 deaths a year. People are funny about what they choose to worry about.



Thats true and lets face it 1,000,000 more die of automobiles and other things. Like i said noone gets out of life alive. My water is good here we are fortunate i think. Im not sure all the chlorine in the world would make some water safe.


Back on topic of dogs/animals and garden chemicals etc…

There are several flea collars and flea pills etc that are poisoning and killing dogs currently on the market. All FDA approved.

DDT was sprayed in the house and on animals for fleas My dad used it and Sevin on our farm dogs. Dogs lived and it killed the fleas and ticks.

I had an old pony that my dad sprayed with DDT and Sevin for horse flies. Same pony almost died due to not taking food or water… she was impacted. She was really suffering and my dad was going to shoot her. An old old farmer was called for help by my mom. He brought a big jug of vegetable oil and it was warmed in hot water and forced down the throat of the pony. After awhile the pony pooped and pooped and lived.

Until i was 18 years old and went off to college i drank nothing but well water. Every year my dad took me to the dentist and i always had a cavity or several cavities. My dentist finally at some point talked to my dad and they figured out that i wasnt getting any fluoride… due to the well. From that point on i had a special toothpaste and brushed more often and was told to swallow some of the toothpaste… So my family would have saved alot of money and me alot of suffering if i had city water i guess.

Bottled water does not have fluoride i dont think. Tap water does.

My mom and dad both ate alot more vegetables than i did and grew big gardens that were heavily sprayed with DDT and Sevin. They both died in their 70s and both had cancers in their bowels… no clue if related or
‘old age’… or maybe it was something in the well… that may get me as well.

Final thought… i know of one dog owner that mixes in a can of green beans to the dogs food…they also get kale. I know one dog owner that the dog eats ol’ roy cheapo or goes hungry. I used to know a dog owner that only fed their dog raw meat.

There is a trend in dog food to not feed them grains…and a trend of feeding them mostly grains.

We wont talk about the whole aisle dedicated to ‘dog treats’. Why do we think our dogs need desserts like we do?

As far as i can tell if given a choice… my dogs would rather eat baby fawns and ground squirrels and drink out of the creek or a mud hole. The rest is just what we ‘think’ dogs want/need.


People that use lawn services and tree services around here often have small dogs and they do not concern themselves with the poisons these companies use to control ticks on lawns (pyrethroids) and other pests or their trees. At least you can draw some comfort from the fact if these chemicals were VERY dangerous to dogs when the label is followed the evidence of harm to them would likely be overwhelming.

Cancers and other long developing diseases are hard to sort out, of course. But you might also draw comfort from the fact that people like farmers that are exposed at levels your dog will never be, live a lot longer, healthier and less cancerous lives than citizens in their states that don’t grow crops for a living- I suspect because of getting more exercise and eating less industrial food than their fellow citizens. Nevertheless the epidemiological evidence strongly suggests that the danger from exposure to agricultural pesticides is extremely exaggerated. What about the poisons in your house, such as plastic foams in cushions and wood preservatives that are virtually trapped in a well insulated home, especially in winter months?

Make sure your dog gets a good diet and lots of exercise.

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Are you sure you are remembering the right species? There are flea collars that are deadly not to dogs but to cats because they are highly susceptible to Permethrin compounds, their bodies can’t metabolize it. Cat flea collars don’t use it but often an owner would put a small dog collar in a cat thinking that it must be the same thing.

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im pretty dog gone… sure.

This one in particular is sold in the US…but Canada wont sell it due to the amount of deaths and illness it causes.

There are plenty of more cases…

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