Can I assist hazel pollination?

I have a limited amount of catkins and I was wondering if anyone has ever assisted pollinating the hazel flowers? I’m at the beginning stage for York blooms and the catkins on my Theta appear to be separating slightly with no visible pollen yet. Any opinions about helping the pollination process is welcome.

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Was reading how the controlled breeding was done at the colleges. Sounded like they saved the catkins, put a bag on the branch with flowers, and threw in a catkin and shook it up. Good luck, but you know most things like to do a practice flower first.

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My goal for this year is not a big crop but to make sure I get a sample of each variety. I was hoping that I could pick a few catkins as they start to shed pollen and put a few into a small container and then use a soft applicator to apply pollen to the flowers. Next year I probably will have enough catkins to just let the wind do the work.

That should work.
But tedious .
Maybe a bag of mixed pollen from different varietys.?
As some are more/ less compatable.
I sometimes make a brush with dog or cat fur ,scotch tapped to a soda straw for pollinating .



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