Can I grow a new tayberry plant from a broken cane?

Hi all

Around a month ago we broke one of the canes from our tayberry plant (we’ve only had it a year, so has not reached the prolific stage yet!). A bit gutted, we popped it into some water and it has been there since. It still seems to be alive… The leaves still look healthy and the buds/shoots have been growing.

My question is can I just go ahead and plant this in soil now, and if so how? I appreciate I could just give it a go, but space is quite limited in our garden and if it is unlikely to work then I’d rather go ahead and just buy a new plant. If there’s a pretty good chance it sill grow on and be healthy, then I’ll give it my best shot!

Many thanks


I’d make a diagonal cut at the bottom(root) end and put some hormone there,then stick that into a container of peat and perlite or sand.
If the cane is long,the thing could be cut in pieces about 8-12 inches and make a bunch of plants.
A plastic bag over the pot or inside a cold frame will help.I use a misting or fog setup to do it. Brady