Can i help my Fortunella

I am from Montenegro (europe), this winter is very hard. Not snow, but temp is about 0C.
My fortunella is looks different, can i help my plants?

I think we call those kumquats. They should be OK down to -10C. For the bottom one in a pot you can put it in a shed or garage when the cold weather is coming.

Yikes! That Kumquat’s naked. Apparently where you’re at is too cold to overwinter citrus outside.

that happened once to our fortunellas(or kumquats) here after a long hard sub-freezing spell, and actually have the same happen to our aussie citrus just recently.
as long as the stems continue to be brisk and retain some firmness(not mushy), should bounce back in warmer weather.

can i help my kumquat to heal?

the warmth of spring and summer shoud do that.
next winter, you can minimize recurrence of injury by adorning the thinner stems with with incandescent xmas ights, and wrapping the main stem with foam tubing.

With this?

yes, that should work!