Can I refrigerate my spanish moss for the winter in PA?

I bought a gallon sized baggie of Spanish Moss this spring and decorated my trees with them.
I “nuked” them with pesticides on arrival as the last thing I need is to introduce unwanted critters to our northern climate.
Anyhow, I plan on bringing what remains indoors for the winter.
Some will go under lights, the bay window, and in the refrigerator.
I got frustrated looking for this simple question:
How long can you store Spanish moss in a refrigerator?
I’ll probably divide them up into smaller lots and bring out a baggie at a time (each new month).
If anyone has experience with this, I am listening.
I can post an update in the spring too.
If it proves too difficult, I can buy new each year & treat them as an annual guest and not a permanent resident.

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