Can I salvage this Anna apple?

Bought this tree back in early August. The person at the nursery said it would be fine even with this dark spot on the trunk. Should have stuck with my instincts, but took it home instead against my better judgement.

several weeks went by and everything above this area became defoliated…I cut away at the bark and it almost looked like it was completely dead. Pretty disappointing.

However, you can see that there is still some vigorous growth near the base. I know I could have probably taken it back, but I figured I would try to see if I could bring it back. So, I trimmed the it all the way down to where the healthy growth starts. This is what the inside of the trunk looked like.

and this is what I was left with when I was done…

and here is it planted…so what are the odds this tree will survive? Not sure if it matters or not, but we probably have a good 6 to 8 weeks before we see any

significant drop in temps…

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It should survive the winter. My concern would be whether or not that’s fire blight. If it is you may not have gotten it all cut off. I don’t like the dead area that still seems to be inside trunk of what’s left. Even if all cut out it still might be back.

Thanks…I’m pretty sure it is fire blight. Someone at the local extension confirmed it…you’re right though, I might not have gotten down far enough. Guess I will have to wait and see…

I’d whack it down to right above the graft union. That section you show does not look good.

If it still looks like that down lower, dig it out and plant a new one in a different hole in the spring. They grow fast, no need to mess with this one any more.

thanks for the advice…I’ll keep cutting it back and see if how far that goes down…if it’s still bad down to the union I’ll dig it up…

Don’t cut more until the leaves are off, those leaves will help it adapt a bit better this year. Once the leaves fall cut back to clean wood.

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Guess I’ll sit tight and see what happens. It is still pretty warm down here, so it will probably be another couple of weeks before the leaves fall off…

I’m amazed at how well the tree seems to be doing now. The leaves are all very healthy and it’s even pushing new growth. Hoping that is a good sign.


I have a lodi tree which was hit with fireblight a few years ago. I took out several good sized branches, and noticed the same dark color in the heartwood.

The tree has survived and prospered, fruited quite a few years, and I have not had any incidents of FB on that tree (but I do watch it can cut anything suspicious out).

I do live in a fairly dry area where FB is not usually a problem, but I think it is possible for an apple to recover. It may still potentially be a source of FB innoculant but the tree can keep it under control fairly well, in some cases.


No further signs of FB. Or whatever that was. I’ll have to post a new pic of the tree. It continues to add new growth and looks healthy.

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Took this tree out a month ago. whatever it originally had finally caught up with it and killed the whole tree.

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Oh well. Lesson learned. Don’t let it discourage you.

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I won’t. Gave me the excuse to order two new apple trees.


Ah but you gave it your best shot

I’m wondering if there is something with my soil or environment that the Anna’s don’t like. That was the 3rd one I’ve lost in 2 years. I have a 4th and that one doesn’t look like it’s doing all that well either.