Can I still spray lime sulfur on this plum tree?

I planned to use lime sulfur as dormant spray instead of copper, but found one of my plum trees is at a more advanced stage, can I still spray lime sulfur on them?

Does the tree get fungus?

my bottle lists different rates by growth phase: dormant, delayed dormant, pre bloom, petal fall, pre harvest and post harvest. the rate goes way down between delayed dormant and pre bloom. you could use the pre bloom rate I think. I don’t spray plums beyond delayed dormant for aphids because I haven’t had problems but I might if I start gettting brown rot blossom blight
btw this “rex lime sulfur” is a little different than “lime sulfur” so look up your own label

I have leaf curl on my peach trees, and black knot on plum. And I have peach scale.

Thanks for the info. Mine is lime sulfur. I will spray all of my trees as delayed bloom just to be safe.