Can I use leftover scionwood for t budding?

I guess the topic title says it all. I have a bunch of leftover scionwood from my early spring cleft grafting, and I was wondering if it can be used for t-budding or chip budding.
It’s been in the fridge individually wrapped in parafilm, double bagged in freezer bags, and looks healthy and dormant.

And budding is usually done in late summer, right? July or August?

I don’t see that as usable for T budding now. T buds need to be done on small diameter stock. The bud you could cut off dormant wood might well be too big to fit under the bark. I’d try chip budding if doing it now. And I’d try now not wait another couple months.

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You could do what you propose, and possibly be successful, but I agree with FruitNut’s sentiment that time is of the essence. No time like the present.