Can pawpaws be chopped low?

I have 3 pawpaw runner trees I just dug up that have good roots. I figured someone might want them. For shipping, could I cut the trunk down to a few inches?

It’s actually a fast growing seedling. I haven’t had the fruit yet due to frost, but it makes a good number of flowers.

Wouldn’t it sprout up again this year?

And I’m still looking for someone who wants them, or I could do Craigslist. (But takers there wouldn’t have a pollination partner and probably can’t graft.)

Yes they can, I’ve done it before:


Wish you were in my zone. I’ve had great luck with pawpaw runners.

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These are from Georgia originally if that helps.

I didn’t get to taste my first, lone pawpaw last year because some critter got it right before it dropped, lol.