Can this sweet cherry tree be changed?

Hi all,
I have a Black Star sweet cherry that I planted in ground in the spring of 2014. This will be its 3 rd leave.

The first branch/scaffold started at about 4 ft. It has grown well. No flowers yet. It should flower by next year. Last fall, I painted the trunk with latex paint up to the first scaffold.

I would like to convert this tree to a KGB style. I know it should be done at planting. I just have an urge to do it even if it sets the tree back a couple of years.

If I head cut this tree to 2 ft tall, will there be a chance that lower branches could be developed?. I think there are some buds in the lower part of the tree. Would those buds be able to develop through a thin layer of latex paint?
I won’t do it if there is a good chance that it will be dead.

Would like to hear your thoughts about this, please?

No suggetion? :disappointed:

I am pretty sure you will get branches. I headed a 4" diameter scaffold on my Montmorency last spring and it grew back new limbs.

I would also consider bending branches down on your current tree, you can get a low surface that way. For my yard I prefer the 4’ trunk to get things out of deer range, so I do a lot of that.

My KGB pruned cherry does have higher scaffolds, maybe starting at three feet. You could cut current scaffolds to 4 to 6 inches and go from there too.

Thanks, Scott and Drew. Glad to hear it would not be dead if I head it low.

I’ve to think about it.

Drew - your KGB style inspires me. I’ve already had two other cherry nearby in an open vase shape for easy netting. They grow like a big umbrella. Easy to net indeed.

I also planted this one quite close to the other two so I don’t think I could afford another umbrella shape as branches from all three trees will cross one another. So, I think KGB might work. I could do a modified KGB :smile:

Thank you very much, Scott and Drew for your responses.

If it doesn’t branch, don’t kill it, graft something on it.