Can you force fig trees to fruit?

I’ve got a Kadota and Italian fig tree that grew like crazy last year but never fruited and now they are growing good again but no fruit where as my Brown Turkeys and Chicago Hardy are fruiting. Is there a way to force the fig tree to fruit?

A lot of people claim pinching the tips off after the fifth leaf.

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I use Hawaiian Bud &Bloom plant food on mine.

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I probably should have not fertilized them in April? I also read tipping might help so I might try it.

Figs that are too vigorous are less likely to fruit. The more vigor the less chance of fruit. Freezing back increases vigor and reduces/delays fruiting. Too much water increases vigor and reduces fruit set. Too much nitrogen increases vigor and combined with too much water is really bad for fruiting.

Here’s some pictures of Black Madeira with high vigor where I’ve been pushing water and fertilizer. Normally BM sets at every node but with high vigor set is reduced. The plants have grown 3-5ft.

Here’s a plant with less vigor. It’s grown 2-3ft.

Here’s low vigor BM that’s grown 15 inches and stopped.


As an experiment,before putting a Fig plant in the ground,pieces of concrete were laid around the walls of the planting hole.I’ve read that their roots like to be somewhat restricted.If it doesn’t work,the thing can be dug up.Brady

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