Can you graft avocado on to red bay?

can you graft avocado (Persea Americana) on to red bay (Persea Borbonia)? if you can I think that the red bay would make nice cold hardy stock.

One of the most iffy to grafts are avocados. I’ll look up the scholarly articles if there are any trials.

As for me, I have selected the best cold hardy avocado rootstocks. From my trials so far, these are seeds from Duke and Aravaipa. Not only are they more compatible to avocados, they’re indeed cold hardy, they’re also salt and root rot tolerant. They’re way better than the patented rootstocks that come with the Home Depot, WalMart or Lowe’s avocado plants.

Thanks to Google Scholar, I was able to search for the answer right away. Unfortunately, the Persea americana isn’t directly compatible with Persea borbonia, and there seems to be no compatible interstems:

The study is very old, 1958 imagine that! Here’s their compatibility chart:

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