Can you identify this mislabeled peach?

I know I’ll probably have to wait until there is mature fruit on the tree in order to identify it, but thought I would try anyway.

It was supposed to be a nectarine but turned out to be a round white peach with white pulp. It has zero acid and tastes so perfumy and sweet, it’s almost nauseating.

It has very large pink flowers.

I will uploads pics when I have mature fruit later in the year.



The flowers and white flesh should be enough to Identify it. I don’t know

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I have one tree though it only produced a few peaches last year, about to bloom now. White peach, very sweet and fragrant, low acid.

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It could be. I haven’t had any fruit for several years due to severe leaf curl but after spraying thoroughly this winter, I hope to have it under control enough to get some fruit.

I looked at pics of Babcock and I don’t remember mine as having so reddish skin, but it does look similar.

Can you show me a pic when your blooms open?

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