Can you make cranberry sauce out of Ukrainian Cranberry bushes

I kind of think I read somewhere you can’t but I wonder why you can’t or if you can. If you can anyone have any recipes?

I wouldn’t want to eat anything made out of the bushes but maybe the fruit :slight_smile:


What are Ukrainian cranberry bushes? Vaccinium oxycoccus? Something non-Vaccinium?

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They are called “highbush cranberry” but they not Vaccinium, they are viburnum triloba.

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Mine is Viburnum opulus. I did look it up last night and it does look like you can use them in the same way. A recipe for it called for a lot more stuff online than my cook book for cranberry sauce but it appears it functions the same so I can’t imagine I would have to change things too much?

OK, right - doggone non-Latin names. I don’t think you could make something resembling the ‘cranberry jelly’ that American cranberry sauce seems closest to, but they make good jam, at least some spp.

The Ukrainians (and E Europeans in general) do this a lot - also compote, ‘kisel’, etc.

In Ukrainian Viburnum is called ‘kalina’.

See a thread I started a month or so back RE Viburnum edule (my favorite, I think the best admittedly haven’t tried many but this one is enough!).

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In Ukrainian it’s called “Kalyna” (калина) and it is considered to be one of the symbols of Ukraine.
It is an antioxidant, and good source of vitamins and minerals.
Here’s a link to a google-translated page of some recipes, hope it helps.

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