Canadian mail order fruit trees?(Ontario)

This year I would like to start myself a little orchard. I currently have a cherry and apple. I am wondering if anyone knows a nursery that ships to Canada or is based out of Canada? Nurseries here don’t get their fruit trees in till mid April-early May and the selection is usually very limited. If possible It would be nice to get some by Feb- March I will call the nursery next week and see if they overwintered any fruit trees or if they sent them back.

I am looking for bare root or potted zone 5 and zone 4 Southern Ontario

I am also looking for some tropical fruit trees. I know there is a place I think out of Quebec
It all looks good but you pay a pretty penny… any cheaper places that again ship to Canada?

other fruit I am also looking for are

cherry of Rio

If you any any info that might help me locate some it’s much appreciated

There are some great nurseries on Salt Spring that are able to ship to the west side of BC if you fit that category. If you ever get a chance, visit the island’s wonderful apple festival held in October.

I’m on the opposite side of the country but thanks! I corrected that in the post ON

Check my older posts for what I am growing.

You will get nothing feb/march. Too early to plant anyways.All the eastern guys usually start shipping mid/late April to early May. I would not order from out west, you want a cold weather nursery to prove survival.

I get my stuff from:

I would NOT order from:

***** buy bare root NOT potted. They do way better. 1-2 year old whips do better than larger in the long run. If you have heavy soil do not amend the soil. Just add compost ON TOP of the soil not mixed in the hole.

Buy disease resistant varieties and don’t forget you don’t need 1 tree of each variety. Let them grow a bit then graft other varieties to each tree.


There is also:

I ordered from them 2 years ago, Excellent service. Bare roots. Arrived in good condition.


It has been my experience that getting cheap citrus or tropicals is very difficult in Canada. If the price doesn’t get you then the shipping will. There are two more that you can order from Tropic to Tropic but they are in BC so shipping for you might be expensive. Their procuct is great though. Phoenix Perennials for the prices on their trees you hit the register button at the bottom of the page and it sends you to a pre order form, scroll down for the price list. I have never bought from them so I can’t comment on their product, but they have a good extensive list.
All of hungryfozencanucks suggestions are good sources. I would add Silver Creek, and Siloame Orchards. I don’t think you will get any that will send trees in the time frame you want. Too early to risk budding out.

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Yep, bought from as well.

Also for bulk trees.

Thanks for the the links and reviews! I have been going through and have found quite a few on my list.
Some tree will be going in pots due to any late cold weather and stay dormant in the GH till April. The others will be planted in March sometime when the ground thaws.