Canadian White Blenheim?

Can anyone here confirm that these big cots are CWB? I got a scion from Purvis years ago that should have been Golden Sweet, but it’s definitely not that. This is a white variety, large, and syrupy, honey sweet. The best tasting cot I’ve ever had. Perhaps one of the best fruits I’ve ever had. I put CWB scions on another tree a couple years ago a couple years ago and have 1 cot growing on it, and it’s still green… although it’s in a spot that gets more shade. I have tried looking at pics online and those shown look more orange. So really not sure. The second picture shows how much larger they are than the average size of my other cots. I should write Purvis and see what he says.


Boy, they sure look fantastic!

I have CWB from Bay Laurel, and mine is a little less blocky and a little more oval. Mine is also slightly more golden in color. Here is a pic:


Purvis said he’s pretty sure he sent me CWB instead of Goldensweet.

Btw, initially these are awesome, but after a while you’re wanting that classic cot tartness, so something like Sugar Pearls becomes more enjoyable.

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Those look great, with good size. Can’t wait to see them fruit here.

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