Candy Heart Pluerries

My Candy Heart Pluerries have arrived!


Any idea how it compares to sweet treat? Texture, flavor, size, brix, acid?

Nice! One of my local nurseries gets their DWN bare root trees the week before Christmas. They ordered 20 Candy Heart’s and only received 5, all on citation. I was lucky enough to snag one, It’s a 3/8" whip and has been in the ground since 12/24. These pics were taken this morning,


These sound so good. My property didn’t plan on me growing fruit trees. I didn’t plan on all these new varieties! I need more space. I will get one next year they are all sold out.

couldn’t have said it better

I see flower buds.


Looking good, I purchased one this year. Now I have Nadia, Sweet Treat, and Candy Heart.

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Has anybody tried these yet?

Yes, Rich tasted one last year.

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Candy Heart is on sale at Ison’s Nursery for $14.95, Sweet Treat Pluerry on sale for $19.95.

February 2018.


I bought and planted one last year. It didn’t want to grow much. It got girdled by rabbits so I think it’s a goner. I might try grafting it. I think they are on apricot roots. Do you know if I’m correct on that? I don’t want to lose the variety, and I don’t want to pay twice for it either.

Your Candy Heart looks very promising!

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You should graft some scions of it onto other plum trees that you may have. Now is the time.

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Here is a photo of one. It is ready to bloom sooner than any other plum/pluot/pluerry variety.


It’s the middle of winter here. We just got a foot of snow over the last few days. I will collect in a few weeks. This tree only grew 1/8" dia branches about four inches long last year. I’ve grafted two year old wood successfully before so maybe I’ll try cutting some thicker wood for grafting.

That should be fine as should plum or peach roots. Apricots accept pluots very well. I don’t see where pluerry would be any different.