Canning Tomatoes

What are your favorite recipes for preserving tomatoes: salsas, sauces, chutneys? I like some from the Ball Blue book, but it would be nice to hear what’s working for others.

I am making special hot sauce originated in Georgia(country) called Adjika. It includes tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, garlic, sugar and salt. All raw! Doesn’t require pasteurization and keeps in fridge for more than a year. If interested, recipe to follow.

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Sure am!

Raw adjika
Tomatoes(Better if pasta tomatoes, that have less juice) - 3kg(6 lb 10 oz)
Sweet bell pepper(Better if red for color) - 1kg (2 lb 3 oz)
Garlic - 0.5 kg(1 lb 1.5 oz )
FRESH hot pepper (not powder! I use cayenne)150 g(5 oz)
salt (not iodized!) 0.5 cup
Sugar 3 tbsp
Wash all veggies.
Tomatoes: cut in half, remove core.
Sweet pepper: cut, remove stems and seeds
Hot pepper: remove only stems, keep seeds
Garlic: separate to cloves, remove skin from each clove

Grind all vegetables(I use meat grinder, but you can use food processor or blender on low speed), add salt and sugar, mix well. Place mixture in glass or enameled tall dish(the idea is to have less contact with air, but be able to use ladle to remove content), cover and keep overnight in refrigerator.
In the morning carefully separate thick content on top from clear liquid on the the bottom of the mixture, discard the liquid.Content may not separate at all if you use drier tomatoes. The idea is to have your sauce thick enough to put on meat or bread.
Mix the rest one more time.
Ladle the mixture into the cold sterilized jars(best if they small enough, so you don’t need to take a big jar from the fridge too many times). Cover jars with plastic caps(work best!). You can also use regular canning lids, but it shouldn’t be airtight. Keep refrigerated to up to a year(mine kept even longer!)


With the difficulty (for me) of growing a good tomato, the sacrilege of eating it any way other than fresh, and the time/effort to can, I’ve adopted an alternate strategy.

$0.79 a pop.


Ha! Yeah, I always end up planting way too many plants to keep up with. I give a bunch away, but still have lots I have to use up in different ways.

That’s a lot of garlic!!!

There can never be enough.


And a lot of hot pepper! This is why it stores well.

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