Cannot use mobile app due to trust level restrictions

Hi Growing Fruiters!

When I try to connect to the forum with the Discourse mobile app, it gives me this error…

Authorize application access

Sorry, you do not have the required trust level to access the user API

I think the problem is that the `min trust level for user api key) in the settings is not set to zero.

I run a number of Discourse sites, so I happen to know that that used to be non-zero, but the Discourse team changed the default to zero in October 2017 because it was a safe and user-friendly thing to do.

Any chance the @admins can change this default?

Doesn’t that app just open the Chrome page? The last time I tried it there didn’t seem to be any reason to try to support it, the site works identically in a browser as it does in the app - ?

It’s mostly a web view, but it has notifications which can be nice!

Ah, yes that could be handy.

You were most of the way to TL1 anyway so I just bumped you up.

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