Cantaloupe Wine

Any success with Cantaloupe Wine?

No matter how hard I try, I always loose a bunch of cantaloupes when they ripen at the same time.

It would be great if I could convert this waste fruit into wine, but I read that Cantaloupe wine is tough to make.

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I have never had any luck fermenting any kind of melon, always end up with a funky off-flavor. Try drying your excess cantaloupes if so inclined. I like them if dried when dead ripe to slightly chewy texture.


I’ve never heard of that, sounds interesting.

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I might try drying the cantaloupe.

I have been eating some type of melon 2 or 3 times a day for a couple weeks and I’m sick of it. The chickens have had so much melon they will barely eat it!


it might work out better if you concentrate the melons instead of using them at their natural sugar ratios

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makes a very interesting Ice Cream/Sorbet

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