Caramelized figs cake

Trying something new today with the figs harvest.


Does it taste as good as it looks?

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Yep. But one slice is about 300 calories from the butter and brown sugar.


I am drooling just looking at the photo. I found some brown turkey figs at my local supermarket and bought a few. They were not marked on price and nobody on duty could figure out what to charge. They sold them to me for 10 cents each. After eating them I wish I had bought the whole tray of them! Went back but the figs were all sold out.

MIghty envious of those who can grow figs. A lady friend of mine has some success by putting her potted figs in the insulated garage during the winter but it seemed like this far North even that was problematic as some years they overwintered well and some not. Since my garage is not insulated nor attached to the house I suppose I could try burying it horizontal for winter storage. Someday I will try.

Until then keep tempting me with such beautiful photos!

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WOW that looks good!



So, what you’re saying is 6 or 7 slices will meet your nutritional needs for the day?

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