Cardboard mulching


Thanks! I tried putting cedar in the beds near the house. The hardwood mulches attracted termites. (GREAT!) :angry: And you are so right . . . cedar smells super.


@IL847 Annie, I like that idea! Gonna try that.


Try cocoa hulls (chocolate) from Hershey’s … for mulch. :slight_smile: ps. There really is such a thing…I’ve used it.


I go through a lot of throw rugs, at my house. I tend to buy the ones with the rubber non-slip backing - and they are usually too large to successfully wash in the machine. I have little dogs, who never seem to be ‘pee-proof’ - even tho they have full-time access to a doggy door. So the rugs get a ‘work out’. Hosing them down only does so much. I usually ‘re-purpose’ 3 or 4 each year. Outdoor mats, by each door, as well.

When they have finally ‘had it’ - I take them out in the yard and use them as weed killers! Can’t leave them there for too long - because, as others have said - the ants and voles love to tunnel and nest under them. But - they do a good job - choking things out of small areas.