Carissa macrocarpa (aka Natal Plum)

This plant is widely sold in the western U.S. as a “boulevard” plant. It is primarily used alongside commercial buildings and in parking lot medians. C. macrocarpa is highly regarded for its resilience in areas of foot traffic. The fruit – even when fully ripe – is considered insipid due to a significant latex content and lack of flavor. The fruit is completely ignored by wildlife here and few if any persons eat it except on a trial basis.

Here it is at my local gas station:

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I think they are fairly tasty, tart/sweet kinda dried cranberryish.
Here is mine, about 8’ high x 8’ across


This particular bush has pretty large fruit…

…and double bifurcated spines.

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I also have this one with small fruit, seven petaled flowers and mostly single bifurcated thorns.

Seven petals

Single bifurcation


I only had opportunity to taste them once. I found it nice enough to be worth growing if only it would survive where I live.