Carmine jewel as rootstock?

I am happy with how this tree looks which is why I’m posting in the photo section :slight_smile: . I just wonder if I could graft Montmorency onto it because last year was the first year we really got to taste the fruits and didn’t really love them.

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Thank you I won’t get 1

I dunno. I’m pretty distraught over my attempts to top work Dorsett Gold. Lots of graft swelling on all but 1 of the 6. And number 6 looks iffy.

St.Anna Boskoop on Anna is doing ok. And everything on Centurion Crab is doing ok or great.

Was not expecting graft incompatibility but definitely got it. Looks like wooden rose hips around the grafts.

give it a few more years and wait until the fruit is very dark before harvesting. i dont think monty will take on c.j but juliet will and its bigger and sweeter than c.j. so is romeo but not as much. pm me in Apr. next spring and i can send you some wood.

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Oh, thank you!! I will try to remember to ask about sending you some money to send some Juliet! Maybe we will like thr CJ a bit better this year :woman_shrugging:t3:

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