Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


I dont even have flowers yet!


I’ve noticed that my CJ grows very densely and compact versus Juliet. It is about half the size but it dense. I may try to put some spreaders in it to widen it out a bit.


I tied two sides to spread one of mine last year. It’s the larger one and the one thats flowering now. I put a spread on CP too.


I hope, I hope!


Here is my best CJ. It’s just getting ready to bloom.


Careful, it will turn into a monster! I had to pull 2 of mine out this spring cuz they were encroaching on my apples. It was a chore was barely able to get them out with my truck and a winch, were actually pulling my truck on the grass for a while before they came out. Took some digging and root cutting. Will be interesting to see how many suckers come up, because a lot of roots were left in the ground!


you couldn’t prune them hard to contain them?


I probably could have but they produce so heavily, I dont really need that many sour cherries. Im gonna replace the ones I removed with some currants which will do better in that location. They were pretty close to 12’ tall and only 5 years old… When I planted them I expected them to get to 6-8’ or so…


wow! and your in z 3! i just planted a CJ , montmormency and juliet. was expecting 10’ at most from CJ and juliet. guess ill have to prune hard. how many CJ s do you still have? you must have good soil to get that kind of growth.


They are in my yard so irrigated and Ive dumped quite a bit of wood chips and rabbit poo in that area over the last few years, also I dont allow any grass or weeds to grow around that area which probably helps. Cousin of mine planted apple trees in the same town same year and his are about 1/3 the size of mine right now… haha


Carmine Jewell love to be fed! If you feed them enough they grow like crazy!


i too keep a 4ft area under my bushes/ trees covered in 4in of wood chips. i amended the spots i planted them in last fall with kelp meal. bone meal, blood meal, humus and neem seed meal and a wheel barrow full of compost . they’re still dormant but should take right off soon.


Cj next to my apple tree. There were 4 cj and 2 apple, pulled 2 out this spring.

Showing full bloom…


So far so good but they are not turning red until later in June. Lots of new suckers as you can see I’m going to have another 50 plants by next year. These cherries love Kansas! They start out slow and unimpressive but be patient they will exceed your expectations later!


Looking good! I like how their leaves get glossy.


They are greening up fast and those leathery leaves get larger and more shiny looking as the season goes on.


I noticed that too. Mine are much shiner than regular sweet cherries. They are almost like blueberry or pear shiny


i just got and planted a carmine jewel and juliet from honeyberryUSA. were about 3ft and starting to leaf out. got some rain coming tonight so i wanted them planted asap. im going to baby these trees. i want cherries!


Congratulations on your new babies! I know the feeling. Those are some big bushes. Your a couple years ahead.


i had 6 nankings back about 5 yrs ago. just started to get some cherries then one winter the voles ate them so bad they didn’t resprout! i won’t take chances with any of my bushes anymore.