Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


How do you protect bushes from voles?


a circle of chicken wire about 12’’ wide buried 2in. in the soil going up to the lowest branches. if you don’t bury the wire the little devils will get under the wire and chew away! i set out block poison in 3in. pieces of pvc pipe also. so far so good!


@clarkinks - do you have CP? How does that do for you? I love your enthusiasm for the USASK cherries!


My CJ is full of fruit. I sprayed mine for PC tonite.


Carmine Jewell is the only one of these cherries I have for now but that will be changing soon.


Really bad pollination this year on my cjs. Main bloom coincided with my neighbors stupid flowing crabs this year. I think they pulled all my pollinators away when i needed them the most…


This likes what happens to my CJ. Tons of flowers, handful of fruits


That changes with age. The older the CJ the more flowers become fruit.


My three year old bush had quite a few flowers but only set a couple maybe twenty. The same with my other varieties. I know most of the bees were on my pears and apples.



My bushes did that to me several times and it was a maturity problem. Once the bush hits 5-6 years old or so it will turn every bloom into a cherry! The yields consistently go up every year until they hit 7 or so and then they level out. Production is extremely high once they are mature. You will be shocked in year 4-7 when they start to increase yields. Year 7 is overwhelming when you suddenly realize I’ve got gallons of cherries and I need to get them off the bush. If you have a chance and I know this thread is long but look back where my bushes were and the years which are documented and you can predict where your bush Is at in the cycle. Kansas is a harsh environment at times but I don’t know how much it slowed down the growth of these cherry bushes.


I know i had a lot of BBs on my haskap that bloomed about 1 week earlier but when my cjs were blooming all the beez seemed to disappear. I had a lot more fruit in them last year…


That is possible that it was a pollination issue in that case if production went down but that would be really unusual in this area. It’s not something I’ve seen with CJ here but I have seen it with other things.The blooms are very attractive to the pollinators.


It looks like my Carmine Jewels planted in 2014 are going to finally crop. I have a couple others on poor soil planted when they first came out in the U.S. in 2009 or so that still haven’t kept their cherries to maturity, so I hope these do. My Romeos also have some cherries, but lots of dead branches and some with tiny yellow sickly leaves. I hope it is nothing contagious. They are also suckering profusely, so no need to try rooting cuttings or any such thing.


I’ve been spraying my bushes with my other trees. Now that I have indar it says it controls cherry leaf spot. I would spray your bush if you already haven’t.


@Johnnysapples is giving great advice. Sour cherries are susceptible to leaf spot Sour Cherry Leaf Spot. I just use immunox or other inexpensive fungicide.


I spray mine too, just a routine thing to do. I tend to get leaf spot on some pluots. Cherries can get brown rot too, the dwarf sour cherries are sprayed like my other trees for curl, spot, and brown rot.


Really hot here so the cherries are coloring up but they are still pretty small.


There getting pretty big. I bet you wish you planted them further apart. You would get more cherries then, but by the looks of them you have plenty. Looking good Clark. I bet these would get twenty foot tall!


Almost ripe already!


Do you think these would survive the heat here? Relatively low humidity but 90+ from May until September with lots of dry hot wind