Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


They survive here with 5 inches of rainfall for the year , whipping winds, clay soil, roasting heat that started the first part of May and has hardly been under 90’s since. Few things can tolerate Kansas but these cherries love it! It has affected the crop with many drops due to drought. The pears and apples are dropping as well in an attempt to stay alive.


Well I think I will have to join the group and try them out. Thanks


My husband said your cherries looked like maraschino cherries :grin:


Complete opposite weather for me. 24 inches of rain, sandy soil, May 50s,60s, 70s and not much sun. Growth is ok but CJ cherries look like they will rot before ripening. Same problem with Lapin, Stella and Rainier cherries.


My sweet cherries are hard for me to grow in similar conditions. Cherries don’t like getting wet! The mold and fungus attacks them. My sours can stand it much better. I didn’t know this till lately on a youtube search, but some commercial cherry growers in Washington pay helicopters to hover over their orchards to knock of the water blow drying them. Great, so now I’ll be out there with the leaf blower after every wet spell, not! Sweet cherries are too much work.


The crop is lighter this year but there will be enough and very soon!


How is the disease this year? It looks like less disease from the pictures. The cherries look good.


No disease yet and no spraying has been done yet.


Finally I’m getting fruit from mine! I have 2, 3 ft tall CJ that are 3rd leaf that each gave about a half-gallon of clean fruit, a 2nd year Juliet that shot up to 6 ft and bloomed heavily but only set a dozen cherries, so I got to taste it at least. The Juliet was larger, sweeter with a good taste, and the plant has sent up 4 suckers so I’m happy with it. The Juliet has been much more vigorous than the CJ. Lastly is a North Star that’s 2nd leaf and only 5 ft tall but it’s given me about a gallon of fruit. All clean and no cracks despite a very wet week(8 inches of rain) from a tropical storm sitting on us. The only spray I got on them was a dormant spray in Feb. The cherries were a good surprise, but my shock was that there were no losses to birds, raccoons or possums, they didn’t even notice the trees. I was surprised at how quickly they turned, from green to showing color, to ripe in a week for the North Star, a bit longer for the CJ. Sorry for no pictures, I’ve been in a post-surgery funk, getting very little done and moving slowly.


That happened to me the first year too, sure is not the case now.


thats good to hear! seems like these cherries are fairly disease resistant compared top other sour cherry types. i hit mine with dormant oil when i planted them and just spayed them and the apples with a insecticide just in case.


I would be more concerned with fungicide than anything else due to leaf spot. Once I get the crop off the bushes I will spray them with immunox. It looks like a couple more days and I will need to start picking. Some look ripe but they are actually a black cherry so I would recommend patience.


i diid hit them with a fungicide also.


im jealous! :wink:


Don’t be to jealous I’m seeing some leaf spot starting on some so some cherries will need to come off the bush before they are ripe. The western fruit flies will arrive any day now. I’m formulating my strategy to get as many cherries as I can as fast as I can once they turn black. The scorching heat is relentless right now which should allow them to ripen fast.


im more worried about fungus and mold diseases here due to our wet, cool summers. and im surrounded with wild pin cherry and chokecherry full of black knot. our unusually dry spring hopefully will knock those diseases down some.


I know that I just had blind luck. My pest pressure is high, not so much squirrels and birds, but the cursed raccoons. I’ll be better prepared next year, the nets will go up early!


Thank you for sharing the link. That was very interesting.


Can these grow in partial shade?


I used to live near there. My brother just moved real close to there at the foot of the mountain Ben Lomond. That’s the longer mountain sketch used in Paramount Pictures.