Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


Yes they can grow in partial shade.


My Carmine Jewel has a few scattered about the bush and the Juliet has a lone representative. At least there are more than previous years.
When ripe,does the fruit pull away easily? Brady


Yes you can pick carmine jewell very easy even when it’s not completely ripe. They sometimes pull away to easy.


How are your seedlings doing?


Some came up. Lots of weeds mixed in right now…


Wow those look great. Wonder what they will turn out to be. The romance series may not have anything on Derek’s cherry! :cherries: We could easily be looking at the next Juliet or Carmine Jewell! I do wonder why my seed does not seem to be viable and yet yours is. Maybe gurneys made them sterile but I’m not sure.


Crop is nearly ripe. Yesterday was supposed to be 98 degrees again but it felt just like100 to me.


Do u test brix?


It isn’t to useful for me but I do have a brix meter.


Thanks for the pictures! One thing I’m liking about the CJ and Juliet is that they hold much of the crop on the interior branches of the plant. What you see walking up close is just a hint of what you get when you lift the branches.


They are ripe and we just had a storm blow through last night so the weather is nice and cool for picking. I know cracking can be a problem but hasn’t been so far.


those look so darn good! the shop n save in town had some sweet cherries at $6 a lb.!


Brix is just helpful to compare. I know a canadian grower that says they start harvesting at 15 brix typically.


They really are good cherries and even better they are a fairly easy bush to take care of.

Hopefully everyone else’s are a larger size because the drought really made these cherries small. The crop will be much smaller than usual. There are still many gallons of cherries there but most cherries are 3/4 the size as they were last year. The fruit is very high quality with a good rich deep flavor.


got a CJ and 2 juliets that are the same size so should come into alot of cherries once they produce. bet the flavor this year is better for you, than past with less water available.


Yes you are absolutely right. Flavor is rich and bold with a strong concentrated tart cherry flavor! Waiting for the green ones to finish ripening! The juneberries are still in the peak of their season and I realize I can’t handle any more fruit picking during this time frame of early June. I’m hopeful the Arkansas blackberries will fill a gap for me in late June/ early July when there is no fruit before my July 10 th -August main blackberry crop ripens. I’m really busy in the July-September time frame with apples and pears as well. Those relatively new primo cane blackberries are early enough ( first crop) and late enough ( second crop) they may work out nicely but only time can tell. The gallons of cherries are already going in the freezer, steam juicer etc. faster than I keep track of them.


My Carmine Jewell disappointed me this year. It flowered less that last year and drops more than last year… Not what I expected… Some branches just have nothing…


They like to be fed so I would give them cow manure or slow release fertilizer and plenty of wood chips. Production will double or triple next year. Most types of plants do not benefit so drastically from feeding as carmine jewell cherries. If you feed them heavy now next year you will be pleasantly surprised.


Thanks, will do it tomorrow!


That happened to me a few years ago. Cherries were even a little tough! The flavor was outstanding all the same.

It was!

Mine too, I think it is environmental so it’s not a big deal. I don’t have any bare branches though. It is less, but not by much. We had a sudden 20F drop and most plants still had leaves last fall. It killed figs, mulberries, and even Southern Highbush blueberries. I lost 2 of each mentioned. 6 plants dead. May other figs were damaged. 6 died to the roots. I lost 3 peach seedlings too.