Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


@Johnnysapples Yes these bushes actually are inside the fence near a border of my fenced in orchard around my house where the dog patrols regularly. Its about a half acre + he guards closely. There are acres outside the fence where i grow blackberries, aronia, full sized pears & apples etc… My future expansion project will tightly fence in another 2 acres and many more carmine jewell cherries will be planted. If these bushes keep suckering they will soon be outside the fence! Look behind the dog and you will see the cherry bushes!!! The chances of something eating many cherries is not to good. Once the deer etc makes it over the 5 foot fence the dog can run 25 mph , weighs 86 pounds, and is a mix of at least several breeds contributing to his wonderful health. He despises deer in the orchard and other smaller fruit & vegetable thieves. If you really zoom in on the top left of the photo the fence is noticable.


My truck parked by the row of carmine jewell cherries. Many birds steal cherries in june im told due to thirst so i added a bird bath. Cherry stealing has not been a problem yet with the precautions taken such as an abundant supply of mulberries but once it starts its hard to stop. We have a huge fruit crop on all the trees due to ample moisture. Im concerned the quality of the fruit may go down for the same reason.


Tic toc…


Those look tasty! You will be eating cherries soon! Our cold weather and rain are back again! Kansas is hard to read but we will have cherries in June i think.


I have family with a 3d printer.
That’s a good idea I think!


Clark, would you take look at the picture. My carmine jewel had treeful of flowers but not many fruits set. This happens every year. What might be the problem?


I have the same problem .


My CJ and Juliet bloomed concurrently this year. Romeo is a much better bloomer and more vigour grower than CJ for me.

Im’ not sure what Clark feeds his CJ’s but mine look more like Johnnyapples.


Mine did the same at first as yours its to young to keep its fruit. Once it gets older the yields multiply quickly. My carmine jewell yields increase every year but feed them heavy. I figured there would be bad years where they would produce less but they sucker and spread more all the time increasing the pounds of cherries more all the time


They seem to like it here in an at times harsh environment. I think it reminds carmine jewell cherries of home! I know the cherries are not still multiplying but because they are growing larger it looks and feels like it!


im so jealous! :wink:


lotta blossoms on cj this year. i think they are 5 years old, touching already at 8ft apart…


With CJ they take patience i remember i felt so frustrated when i would see the loads they were picking in Canada year after year. Finally about year 5 they set enough cherries, year six production doubles, year seven is even better. They start suckering and the suckers set cherries!
They look pretty tame for now but give them time and you will be buried in cherries and suckers! Great looking bushes!


I bought 3 plants 4 years ago. They were only 6"- 8" potted starts when I got them. Planted them in full sun and gave them 15-15-15 each spring. Two years later I had just enough cherries for a pie. The year after there was enough for 3 pies. Looks like I finally get a real crop this year. The bushes are about 6’ x 6’ after last years growth. They’ve been the lowest maintenance fruit I have. I put up a bird net in the summer and a deer fence at all other times. I’m not sure if curcs are an issue. I’ve never seen any bites, but I usually hit them with a leftover spray anyway.

I also found my first sucker this year!

Update: I found a picture of the starts I got from Michigan Bulb for something like $8-$10 a piece (after discount).



Looks like you did things right from the beginning, it took me awhile. At first they were just sitting in the ground and i thought maybe they were like grapes, pears etc and did not really like fertilizer. Finally since they did not grow i hit them hard with aged cow manure top dressed with wood chips. Feedling them really makes a huge difference as you said , 15-15-15 is equal npk which is perfect for fruit. Suckers are popping up by the hundreds now since i cant dig them out so most get run over by the mower.


Actually, I was following what you were doing. Your posts are what inspired me to get them.


Thanks @AJfromElmiraNY pretty soon you will have more cherries than you can imagine! I’m glad those posts inspired you and i hope you do it 100x better than me. The carmine jewell cherries are an incredible variety! Your bushes look fantastic! Like the way you laid those out. I figured a solid row produces more cherries but i have no proof of that. The spaced row allows more air in which should reduce disease. I would love to have a few acres of them and mechanically harvest them for juice!


Those look very nice!


I was going to space them 8’, but decided to go with 12’ after seeing the size of your bushes. I’ll probably dig up suckers and prune to makes sure they don’t grow together. Of course , I haven’t factored in renewal strategies yet. Generally I agree that full sun and good airflow around bushes are best.


Is it time to pick? Wait a few more days?