Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


That appears to be a sour cherry tree you have there. Friends, family etc. I will need all hands on deck to get the harvest picked! To bad Chicago is a ways away!


Thanks Clark, could it be a CJ for it is only3 feet away from a CJ and CJ is only sour cherry I grow.
BTW, you are lucky Chicago is too far away, otherwise you might see "helpful " hands in your yard everyday😜


That definitely looks like a CJ sucker to me if it is that close. I have suckers on my CJ and Juliet plants pop up anywhere from a few inches to several feet away.

With only a few of each type of bushes, my sample size is too small to say for sure, but it seems to me the 2 growing on mounded soil produce more suckers than those just in a flat planting. If that is true, I expect it is just the roots getting closer to the surface when they travel out of the mound.


Yes its a carmine jewell sucker! Looks like they like it there! @IL847 you will be tired of picking long before you run out of cherries with carmine jewell! Those suckers are a good indication its branching out soon!


So it begins …


Lots of cherry pies!!!


Yes gallons and gallons coming in now and 10x as much still ripening! 5 gallons of cherries is a good start for now! My mom will make these into pies, preserves, and jelly. We are not ready to juice cherries just yet. The smaller later cherries will be used for juice.


I can’t believe the bushes can withstand all that weight. Most of my cherries fell off but maybe still enough for a pie or two.


With that really heavy fruit set you have this year Clark I’m anxious to see just how many gals/lbs you end up harvesting! On my few short bushes I had a heavy bloom but a light fruit set this year, but the bushes are really putting on growth. I usually begin to sample too early and try to pick at very dark color, but a few days ago found a branch in back I had missed with a few dozen really large, nearly black cherries that were the best I’ve had yet. The Romance Cherry Series has been great for tart Cherries, the word of mouth has brought attention and more backyard growers.


@Poorwolf i agree they are great cherries! @IowaJer gets some really heavy crops at his location because they get a little more water than Kansas, run a little cooler in the summer, but otherwise have similar growing conditions. My location is a very tough environment and its hard to establish new plants here. The heavy bloom and light fruit set your experiencing is just the age of the bush. When they are ready every bloom will be a cherry! My location has very heavy set so i cannot imagine more!


My CJ is turning the color


Those are starting to look good !