Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


They only sell Indar by the gallon so people have been buying it and splitting the cost up. It’s over a $100.00 a gallon and it’s hard to use up a pint.

It’s the best spray for rot, but they recommend alternating with another so the rot doesn’t get immune to it.


I sawed it last night. Every single cherry on that tree had rot. I think one or 2 that didn’t had curculio in them (that i feed to my zerba danios which love them). I still have Juliet but that too might get the saw. One issue i’ve seen (and i’m seeing right now in my black raspberries) is SWD. I had them in my CJ last year (the few i had). I think that will be an issue with Juliet which i think is a later ripener. Can’t win man! Better stick to potatoes and tomatoes :wink:


Raspberries are the SWD


My carmine jewel suckers spread 10 feet away from its mother plant I have small yard, one carmine jewel is way enough for me. What I am going to do with all the suckers, there are 4 found so far?


dig and share with the neighbors. :wink:


Not sure neighbor likes sour cherry.


friends family?


If I am not a fan of sour cherry, I doubt my majority of friends and family will be. I can try to talk into a friend whose husband has gout issue take one . Sour cherry juice is helping with the pain I heard. but the rest loves sweet cherry for fresh eating
Usually fruit trees don’t have runner like this, iI didn’t expect it runs cross the yard 10 feet away.


This year I had one Carmine Jewel cherry and two Juliet cherries from one same bush… I let them hang until they fell into bags.

Juliet iwas sour. Carmine Jewel was very sour. I don’t know how people could eat them by a handful.

My friend’s mother has gout. Her doctor recommended she eat sour cherries. My friend is looking to plant a Juliet.

I used to grow Danube, a sour cherry. Ripened Dannube were tasty and sweet compared to these bush cherries. If not because of a lack of production, my Danube would still be here and beated any of these cherries taste-wise.


My Juliets sucker a fair bit and I just dig them out when dormant and offer them as bare root along with scion, etc. in the trading post section. They are small enough to ship easily and so far it seems that any I sent have survived. I also have 4 CJ and 6 Juliets suckers growing in a nursery bed for my own expansion plans once I make some room, since we love sour cherries.


Trade is a good idea, although I might have to trade them every year afterward👍 thanks.


I think sour cherry has more flavor. if used in pie the sugar will balance the sourness out. The problem is that I am on some kinda low sugar diet and don’t eat much dessert. Cherry pie had never been my favorite dessert start out with.


Agreed that sour cherries are excellent for pies. Carmine Jewel is way too sour for me for fresh eating.

I prefer eating fresh fruit to processed/sweetened fruit.


Eating a couple of your first cherries isn’t a good comparison. I ate a the few that I had last year which tasted s lot different than the ones from this year. Plus you have to let them hang for a while after turning red. This year my Juliet had a sweet taste at first like cherry. Last year it tasted like fruit punch. I myself still need to get them by the gallons to get the full effect of the flavor. I would have had a quite a few but some how they vanish as I check on them, lol.


Agreed that their taste may improve as the graft and the tree mature. The cherries I ate were fully ripe. I bagged them and let them hang until they dropped in the bags.

Carmine Jewel was the shiny one on the left. Juliet had dull color on the right.



seeing the price of these plants from the nursery, i think they will be appreciated. if i had the room , id take them all.


That’s interesting. I wouldn’t describe mine as sour. I like them for fresh eating. Sadly they had a very bad case of brown rot the first year and very few fruit the second due to poor pollination.


My CJ punch above their weight. I have to add more sugar in recipes than I do for Montmorency. Random tests ranged 11-17 brix this year. At any given time, the ones with higher sugar were most potent. The low sugar ones were a more palatable. Acid seems to go up with sugar. However, they do mellow if left to hang longer. They have up to a 4-5 week picking window if the conditions are right.

My plan to casually pick over several weeks was ruined by rain this year. I selectively picked about 4 quarts a day from 3 bushes for 2 weeks before a heavy rainstorm caused the remaining ones to swell and spring leaks. Instead of one big crack, there were tiny cracks that allowed juice to coat the bottom of the cherries. It only took about 2 days for the exposed juice to mold in the muggy weather. I think the cherries were already swollen to max capacity from previous rains. Fully ripe cherries were about the size of a nickel.


This photo is on Valentines day (Feb 14) 2020.
The carmine jewell thicket reminds me of a plum thicket when they are allowed to fill in between the old carmine jewell bushes like i let them do. As you can see winter is still very much here in Kansas right now. Again the bushes are spreading so be careful where you plant them if your considering growing them.


my CJ is planted next to my 2 juliets but romeo is on the corner of my rasp patch. if they spread thats fine. id rather have the cherries over the others anyway. my mont. cherry is in between my 2 large raised beds where it may become a nuisanse as it gets bigger but i plan to prune it to control its width.