Wanting to buy Indar


Anyone know where one could get small quantities? As in NOT per gallon? I usually use about tank on my 4 gallon sprayer to spray my trees and a gallon of Indar would last me 3 lifetimes .


In so far:

  1. Sean
  2. rayrose
  3. dutch-s
  4. Moley

Would like to get at least 2+ more people.

Best fungicide for brown rot
Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age
Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age

If you find some. I wouldn’t mind buying some also.


Looks like it is Canada made, I asked my son to look there, but it is as well just a gallon packages…


I’d be in too, to split an order…


If you have 7-8 people wanting to split it, it would work. Each person gets a pint or two. 8 pints = 1 gallon.

That’s how I got mine, a pint.

To be fair, the person who orders, splits it up and mails it should pay less.

Went ahead and ordered Indar

So who wants in? Where is the best place to buy from?


Well, you could look at it as you need to find smaller containers of Indar…OR…a tremendous opportunity to buy more fruit trees to use your gallon of Indar on!

ETA: The active ingredient in Indar is fenbuconazole…I did a little search on it to see if I could be helpful…apparently fenbuconazole is available from a few chem supply companies as an almost 100% pure powder. You’d have to do your own research, to see if you can work with something like that and if it would be more cost effective to mix your own…but just throwing that out for the more cost conscious among us.


I’d be in if we could switch the a.i. from Indar to Pristine. Mostly because Pristine has a much broader label, and the PHI for pome and stone fruit for Pristine in 0 days. OTOH, the PHI for Indar for summer diseases on pome fruit is 14 days.

But obviously I’m suggesting a major switch here, and it is sorta off topic.


But same day for stone fruit. It makes no sense but that is what the label says.


Pristine is great for apple diseases


I really don’t care which one we get. I want the one that has kick back
and you don’t have to reapply every time it rains like with Captan.


I would definitely be in…


Was wondering if anybody on this thread found a way to crowdsource Indar? I would love to buy some from anybody who has it to spare - a pint, anything. I’d also be willing to trade some No-Mate OFM spirals (deception lures) I have in the freezer that I bought this year… I know I had to put them in my luggage to get them to New York, so maybe someone else is having trouble getting them.

Anyway, any ideas? Thanks!!


Count me in too!!!


Someone has to step up and buy it and split. Thats how I did it - I bought and found people to send some to. Martin’s Produce sells it.

@Levers101, Pristine is not as good as Indar for brown rot. That is the main reason I bought Indar, it is particularly good on rot.


How did you ship it - what kind of containers did you ship it in?


Its not hazardous, any sealed container should work. I used whatever I had around.


Yeah, peaches (no nectarines here) are not my focus because the conventional wisdom is so negative on year-to-year crops in Iowa. Decent cross-activity for brown rot on peaches would make Pristine good enough for me.

Tebuconazole is another good one for brown rot from this report. You can get it in water soluble packets as Toledo 45WP.

This UC table also puts Pristine as excellent and consistent for peach scab (not something I have had) and shot hole–a huge problem for me this spring.

I’d be willing to lead a Pristine buy.


The table you linked to make it look pretty appealing for both BR & scab plus it’s pretty good on resistance… what’s not to like?

I’d buy in on that.


Pristine gives me very clean apples