Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


I have lost so many of them, replace a few every year, its starting to seem silly…aas Im sure I have purchased about 50 over the years but I only have about 26??I think…but they are flowering this year and several are as tall as I am and almost same width. I expect to be able to try some this year…not manty but some.Lost the tags to many of them…one or maybe two are Carmine Jewel.


They’re coming…


of my 6 cherries all but carmine jewel and my 6in lutowka rose have flowers buds coming out and lots of them. even mont. has some. funny thing is carmine jewel is the biggest and oldest of them all and doesn’t have 1 bud on it. weird. psyched to maybe get some cherries.


I don’t think I’ll ever get fruit. I should have a lot this year, but this morning I caught two chipmunks in my bushes picking the little green cherries just after flower shuck! I have thousands of chipmunks throughout my area.


This is my Carmine Jewel now.Immunox was was sprayed about three times before the flower buds opened and it made a difference,but there was still some damage.More fruit is on the bush than ever.
However,I don’t like the chemical,because,it is a systemic and apparently,the fungus can build an immunity.So,next year,Captan will be tried and if the results aren’t significant,the plant may be


Just a quick update on my Carmine Jewels in zone 7a, Northern VA.

Note, these top two photos are after we picked a big bowl of less ripe cherries for a batch of jam.

Basically, Carmine Jewel is living up to its reputation at least in my local conditions.

I have a few Juliets that have set fruit this year as well but their cherries are for the most part even smaller than Carmine Jewell and I don’t think they are an accurate representation of how Juliet would perform on a mature bush.


Looks good, what is your plan with the harvest?


The fruit is starting to redden,so I installed a mosquito net,to help prevent Robins from taking them.There is a small ring sewn in at the top,that a short piece if PVC pipe is pushed up against,to lift a


I bought one to try out. We’ll see how well it does. Should get here in about ten days which should be early yet.


What brand is that one?

The one we bought a couple years ago, did not have enough air ventilation so we could not use it for fear of rotting.


This is the netting and where it was


There is also insect netting from agfabric:

I have been experimenting with these bags on a few of my trees, plums and cherries. So far they appear to work well but you have to keep the tree/bush small for them to work obviously. They also tend to bend all the new growth down to fit the shape of the bag. (wouldn’t be a problem if I created some kind of support structure for the bags)

So far my biggest concern, that these would result in some type of spectacular disease scenario due to lack of air circulation has not proven to be the case. I have had significantly increased aphids, presumably due to the inability of predators to access the trees.


Mine came today early. It said around 6/15. I’ll buy more if this works good.


just ordered some also. out of the smaller sizes so ill have to make something to cover my honey / blueberries.