Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


@thecityman. Those were Pawpaw but were not from my trees.
My pawpaw trees had a few fruits last year. Hopefully have more this coming season. Right now some of them blooming.


I don’t know if need oil and compost tea will help. This is a fungal issue. If you want to go an organic root, search for Joe Real’s recipe on this forum. He used Italian salad dressing and said it worked for him. I do not say it’s working or not but there is a recipe for it here.


Maybe someone near you would take the bush off your hands who don’t mind spraying it. Doesn’t @Bradybb live near you?


It’s okay, too much work John. Just wait till next year. Thank you John.


Last year I lost all my CJ cherries. Joe Real’s recipe is best for a dry climate which I don’t have but I plan on trying it anyway this year. I’ll post the results.


Thanks, Dennis. Love to hear your report. I’ve used copper at dormant as a prevetative measure. It helps some but the condition is a perfect storm, wet and cool during bloom time, it probably won’t stop the spread.


How do you look for a group buy? (On Indar)



THey come up from time to time. You could even start one. Basically it just takes someone who will volunteer to place an order for the full amount (I forget what size the minimum order is but it is a lot more than most backyard growers need or want to pay for) and then collect money from those who want to chip in, then repackage the big container of the original order into small packages for all those who want to chip in. Just make a thread saying “Indar group buy” or similar and work it out. There are some minor legality questions but most people seem to feel that if you xerox the label and include it in the small packages and aren’t doing it for profit it is fine.


Thank you


You can start one on here and get people to agree to so much then buy it and distribute it, or you can wait for someone to make a post. You can search for post too like an older one, Wanting to buy Indar


Got it! :slight_smile: BTW, its odd that you are zone 8b and I’m 6b/7a and yet your paw paws are just blooming! Mine bloomed almost 1 month ago. Sadly they were killed by frost. Anyway, yours look great.
You must be a big fan of paw paws. Even though I have 4 different varieties, I must confess I still haven’t warmed up to them completely! ha


Pacific Northwest areas specially Seattle are not easy for growing Pawpaw. Very cool Summer. pawpaw fruits aren’t easy to ripe. All my pawpaw still in the testing period. They’re very interesting fruits to me. I have more than 5 varieties for now.


One good thing about pawpaws is that they will ripen on the counter just fine if you don’t have a hot summer.


Has anyone been able to compare these juicers to presses? I used a fruit press for the first time last year and although it worked great for apples i was not impressed with it for grapes. Wonder if that means it wont work for cherries? May end up needing both. Also i would be interested in hearing if people have tried fermenting juice from these cherries and how it turned out? Im sure a certain percentage would need to be mixed with something else. I look forward to experimenting when mine start to produce enough.


The recipe im using comes from michael phillips book. I figure it is worth a shot and i will post my results.


Several people on the forum have referred to Michael Phillips’ organic practice. This practice may not work well in humid areas.


cardboard and wood chips on top…add more chips every couple of years, no poison needed. I have a 5 to 6 foot circle around all my fruit trees, I put down either newspaper several layers, or cardboard…and when I clean out my duck and goose houses which is straw , wood shavings and manure…i put that on top …still hot…it kills grass…keep it away from the truk…after a couple of years it is clear and stays that way with small amount of work…add wood chips or more manure/straw…some say it would harm the tress but I don’t put it too close…it burns and kills the grass…the trees are fine


Here’s my CJ’s this spring.



just did that today around all my trees and bushes. ran out of 1 yr. old manure so i put green manure i cleaned out last week. only difference is the greener stuff keeps weeds out longer. got some green arbor chips coming to cover the manure next week. never have weeds.


I have tried many bush cherries and they all have the problem that VIncent_8b is having. We’re more like France than Oklahoma or Canadian Prairies. It’s too wet in SPring in West PNW. Monty grows great. Others, not so much. I got a message from the late Lon Rombough of grape growing book fame and he said that it is the wet springs. THey get a disease that kills the fruit but not the plant. I’m growing the plant for the fruit! Surefire and Balaton do ok. Well enough to keep a couple trees. Some of you people like Clark in KS kick booty with your bush cherries, but until I see someone else here growing them well, I 'm going to hold off.
John S