Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


I steam juice tomatoes too. I like can beans in the juice and throw the tomatoes in my BlendTec to make sauce. Easiest way to process tomatoes.

Back to Carmine Jewels. We have our chickens in with them right now, hoping to cut down on PC. I am debating on whether or not to move them and spray after petal fall, or take a chance by leaving them in and going out there several times a day and shaking them, so that hopefully they fall off and the chicken eat them. That would save me from having to spray surround on them. I have a lot of other trees that will need to be sprayed. Thoughts?


Romeo Cherry.


Every year after blooming my Romeo and Juliet Cherry have some diseases as fire blight so no fruiting formation . Don’t know why I might remove both trees soon. Any advice please thank you.


I think you tree suffered from brown rot blossom blight.


I second what @mamuang said. It’s caused by Monilinia fungus that thrives in humid conditions.


I like to use a Jack LaLanne juicer on apples. Works great! There are better juicers on the market now than what i have. Most changes are for the better.


You need indar. Watch for a group buy and get in on it.


Last spring was extremely rainy and wet here. Montmorency suffered blossom rot while CJ was fine. Has anyone else had blossom rot on CJ?


Thank you John .


Thank you So much.


Indar comes in large quantity and is expensive for a small garden.

You can use Bonide Infuse as fungicide instead. Some people use Captan.


I think @mamuang and @Stan are right. For years I had exactly the problems shown in your photo on most of my Romance Cherries. In fact, some years I’d loose as much as half the bush. But this year I sprayed Copper, Captan, and Myclobutanil before bud break and as soon as bees lost interest in blooms. The results are amazing. For the first time in 5 years I have not a single trace of what you show in your photos. I am certain that one or two of the 3 funguides I used would have done the trick so I’m not sure which one did it, but the point is that your problem is fixable and I’ve proven it this year. I have bushes full of fruit for the first time. Good luck


@mamuang. @thecityman
Thank you both of you for advice. I don’t really like to use much chemicals for every single year. Let’s see how they doing without chemicals or I might remove them away keep room for different fruit trees.


Then, it will depend on timing. If the weather is wet/rainy and cool during your cherry’s bloom time, it will likely happen again.

If you do not want to spray, growing cherry will be challenging.


I completely understand Vincent. And forgive me…because I chose to use chemical sprays on all my trees, I tend to forget how many people try not to- or least to do it very sparingly. As a result I tend to recommend different sprays without really thinking about whether the person asking is even ok with spraying. I promise that just because I am not an organic grower it doesn’t mean I don’t wish I could be or that I have anything less than great respect for those who try to minimize chemical usage. I applaud you efforts and hope you can solve it without sprays. If not, perhaps copper would do it and copper SEEMS a little more natural than some chemicals, though I could be wrong about that. I don’t even know if Copper is considered organic? I also don’t know if it would help with blossom rot, but it can be a fungicide for SOME things. Good luck my friend!


Hi vincent, i habe the same problem with my cj bushes. They look great during bloom and then the blossoms rot off, i do still get fruit though just i lose about half.

I tried a dormant copper this spring ang im going to spray with neem oil, beneficial microorganisms and compost tea the week leading up to the flowers opening.

The photo is from last year. My bushes wont flower for another 2 weeks, atleast.


I would like to keep room for my Very Cherry and Pawpaw Tippy. Thank again.


No problem at all . Thank again for good advice.
Just my areas is too wet in early Spring so it happens all the time. I still have too many fruit trees in line waiting for permanent place. Have a good year for gardening Kevin.


My trees happened exactly the same. Thank you for sharing. I might do the same with you or removing them. Just wait until next year. Thank again. Vincent.


By the way, Vincent, I’ve been meaning to ask you…what are those fruits in your profile photo??? They look a little like paw paws . You may have already said but I missed it. Inquiring minds want to know! :slight_smile: