Carrie Mango

I bought this Carrie Mango tree a month ago and it’s flowering!! I’ve never seen a mango flower so it’s pretty cool. Of course I’m not expecting any fruit for a year or two. I have read they are fairly small trees even when mature.



July 17

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From what I’ve read in climates with nights below 60F for long periods, mango often flower to a fault. They push round after round of flowers and refuse to flush new growth. Cutting the flowers off only gets you more flowers. With a greenhouse that you can afford to heat to warmer than 60F that might be an advantage. Get flowers when you want and maybe hold them back when you don’t.

I’ll be planting mango soon so I’ll find out if that really true. Last winter they flushed new growth right thru the entire winter with nights at 45-60F. But those were new seedlings that probably won’t flower for a few years…

Your Carrie is a nice looking plant. The grafted ones I bought were much smaller.


Thank you @fruitnut for that information. I am in Canada near Toronto. The nights this year have been much cooler. That would explain a lot. I thought they flowered in late winter into spring. I have a greenhouse I could put it in if needed. That is where it will spend the winter.

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Haa this is too funny. The Carrie sent out a flower spike half way down the plant. leaving it for now. Apparently the mangos are happy with the temperatures. it does loook like it wants to leaf out bit this is taking lots of energy so things up top are moving real slow. I will remove the flower in a week or so as long as it doesn’t create a mango LOL.

It will be re potted in Feb sometime when it warms up.