Carrots take so much longer than the seed packet says

Anyone else notice this? I’m growing a variety called Adelaide. It’s rated as 50 DTM, but it has been almost 30 days, and I barely have plants with two true leaves. It seems like they take two weeks to sprout, and other two weeks just to grow a true set of leaves. There is NO WAY these will be ready 50 days from sowing.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Ha, I asked a similar question about this for some other veggies.

Carrots take forever. I’ve never gotten a carrot within the days to maturity range. I just let them keep growing a pull them up one at a time.
Good luck.

50 DTM for carrots sounds way too soon for me. They’ll be too small. Mine took mid August until January and we had many warm days all winter. I’d guess more like 90-150 days depending on how warm it is.

This is a “true baby” variety, but even 70-day carrots take 90 for me.

Part of the problem is that carrots are very slow to germinate in colder soil, and since they take so long people plant them early, when the soil is cold …

Supposedly it helps to “scarify” the seeds by scuffing them up between a couple of pieces of sandpaper, but I haven’t tried it.

they take some shade, and are deep rooted. So it is convenient to let them go all season, under the tomatoes for example. they are much better starting two weeks after first frost anyway, and early spring of the next year too.

The DTM is with THE ideal conditions. Lots of sunny days and long days (i.e. daylight hours greater than 12, probably closer to 13-14) Sometimes I think DTM is a marketing term, kinda like MPGs on cars. If you grow carrots year 'round you’ll find the DTM spot.

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True, but other veggies seem a lot closer to the DTM for me.