Cattle Fence Trellis for Berries

Just saw this idea for a trellis for berries using a piece of a cattle fence.

Looks interesting an easy.



I use something similar to keep my asparagus in their lane. It is called hortonova or trellis net. Nice for me because it is lightweight and cheap, the frame is simply fencing poles and bamboo. Easy to disassemble, but I understand for berries you may wnat something permanent.

Looks like it would work well.

It was “forwarded” to me on Pintrest.

Great way to see how others have come up with solutions for similar problems or goals.S


I use cattle/hog fence for my tomatoes. I mostly use two leaning on each other and put the tomatoes between them. In some cases I just stand one of them up and tie tomatoes to them. They work great.

In the case of caneberries, you will need to inspect new growth weekly to maneuver cane tops into the grid, else you risk kinking from trying to force/bend larger canes that have missed the target into the grid. Trailing and some semi-erect canes will be more forgiving for the upper grid. Triple Crown and other robust erects will need more frequent training.

This trellis does look handy for bundling and training of laterals.

For robust erect varieties, I would put the lower grid waist high and the upper grid neck high.

Cut ends of the cattle fence sections will need filing or grinding to remove sharp burrs.