Cedar Apple Rust Control

Is it too late to spray Immunox for CAR after seeing initial lesions on the leaves?

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Yes it is too late… it takes a few weeks for the lesions to show up.

Will I lose all the apples on the tree?



No you will not lose all of the apples.
It will not even have an effect on the tree long term .
Just catch it next year, you will be fine.



Thanks Scott! Should I cease to spray it this season with Immunox or will ithelp at all to spray it. It is a Rubinette.

I have heard it can help decrease the size of the lesions, not sure how much truth there is to that though. It also could help with other apple diseases like rots. I personally am not spraying it much after petal fall.

Note that CAR often has very little effect on the fruits even when the leaves look horrible. Just be glad it is not quince rust, that one is the opposite and your fruits will all get ruined.

OK, thanks, Should I spray before flowers? The tree just dropped its final flowers. It seemed like it was never going to stop producing new flowers so I was waiting to spray it when it was done.

Are you sure it’s too late? Myclobutinal has kick-back and fruit hasn’t been formed very long down there. Infections might be continuing given that standard recommendations to control car are to spray through 10-14 days after petal fall.

If you haven’t put down your first cover you might as well include some myclo in it. Cedar Apple Rust | NC State Extension Publications

I almost always get complete control here on orchards that I only do two myclo sprays, one at petal and the next 10-14 days later.

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