Celeste Fig Fruit Size

I have 3 figs, supposedly Celeste (Ordered from a garden center, but the tags said “celestial”).
This is only their second year and sadly they died back to the ground over this past winter.
They’re making dogs but they’re extremely small; ping pong ball size at best.
My question is - does fruit size increase with the age of the tree? i.e. does the tree have to get established before the fruit reaches its full potential size?
Or possibly is it related to dieback/short season?

Celeste is somewhat small and ping pong ball is about the right size. They are not big, but they make up for it in sugar and are one of my faves. They usually plump up slightly right as they are changing color. Mine are just starting to ripen. Ate the first one today.


Thanks! I think so far they’re honestly not even getting that big, but that makes me feel a lot better.

Figs on my Celeste are very small compared to other varieties. But the flavor is good.

I had my second Celeste yesterday and it was really nice. Small again but I think worth it.
I have 3 trees so I hope the quantity will make up for the small size.

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I have several varieties and none are really that much bigger than celeste. You have a winner in my opinion. I wanted bigger too, but have yet to find anywhere that sells large fruited varieties that will survive zone 7.

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‘Celestial’ is one of the many different strains of Celeste, most varieties of Celeste have tiny figs. Don’t expect them to get any bigger.

This explains the average strains of Celeste enough to answer your question What is my Huge Fig Tree - #5 by alanmercieca

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