Cheap Raspberry support - that looks good

On the end of my food forest bed I have a couple of JuJube trees planted… then there is some space which has a Raspberry V-Trellis in place (about 8 ft long) and it has several Heritage Red raspberries in it.

I planted 3 (HR Props) there last spring, and got some nice fall raspberries last fall, and a really nice crop this spring/early summer from the Fcanes. The bed filled in nicely with a dozen or more canes in there now.

But those HR’s can sure send out root shoots for a distance. The two in the Pic below are a good 6 ft from where I started those HR Props last spring… down the bed in between my two JuJube trees.

There were several more there too, but I took all the smaller ones out and left just these two best ones.

Trying something new with these two raspberry p-canes… just supporting them with a stake.
Seems like it may work pretty well especially when you have a few raspberry canes just pop up in a location you really did not plan for them to go into… but there they are.

I actually bought these “fiberglass rod post 3/8” - 4 ft long" at TSC a couple months ago and used some of them to pull my fig shoots out to allow for more sun to all.

At our local TSC they cost 2.19 each. They are pretty stiff, but will give a little. Sharpened on one end, and push in the ground easily.

Seems like this might work pretty well for the misc few raspberry canes that pop up somewhere…

I topped those HR’s at a little over 4 ft, so they will branch out and fruit well this fall.

I may have to get some more steaks like this for future raspberries.
As far as the looks of it… I think it looks good. From a few feet away the steak is not even noticeable.
It just looks like you have a nice and well behaved raspberry cane standing there…

These fiber glass rod stakes seem like they might last.

Anyone know of other steak options for something like this ? cheaper, better, etc…


ive used them and ive also used bamboo which are 1/4 the cost of the fiberglass but only last a few years. just keep in mind that if you let a sucker establish and fruit, it will send many more suckers even further than that one. ive learned the hard way. heritages are the most vigorously suckering red ive ever grown. they have weed status here. it took me 3 years to get rid of them completely. they kept popping up all over the yard after i poisoned then ripped all the crowns out.

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Looks like 2.5 gallon pots? Kind of a neat idea if you want to grow rasps in an area where the soil is no good. Any idea of how many years you could get out of this method?