Check out the three new categories

We have been getting various requests for some new categories, and we pow-wowed and agreed to three new ones to add now:

  • Pictures (so anyone can feel free to post pictures for no other reason than to show off what you are up to),
  • Using fruit (anything after you have picked the fruit: cooking, cider making, canning, drying, etc)
  • General gardening (since most of us are also doing other gardening projects)


-The admins

That is great. Thanks for making this a good place to ask questions, answer questions and generally get educated about some great topics!!!

Thanks, Scott. Why, just last night about 3 AM, I woke up thinking, “I wish there were a place that I felt comfortable talking about vegetables. I wonder if rhubarb is off topic in the Growing Fruit forum. After all, we serve it like a fruit.”

So, it’s quite serendipitous that you should add those new categories. I think the additions are naturals.