Chenango Strawberry apple

I grew this one because of the name and description

The apple is beautiful and large.

But, just picked , it was semi-mealy, dry, and some bitterness.

Also it oxidizes as you watch it. In the photo attached I needed to remove a thin layer off the right side of the fruit to show the comparison.

Any one else has any experiwnce with this variety. Thia is the first harvest but it has a long hard climb to keep from being top worked.


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A very pretty apple, sorry about the taste.

Reading the online descriptions they all mention it need to be picked at just the right time. I have played that game with my yellow transparent and gave up on them years ago (although still have the 100+ year old trees)

This apple variety usually has a very well defined ‘delicious’ shape- broad shoulders and tapering to narrow bottom. I will try to pick one and photo it.

Here’s Chenango as grown here…good crisp eating summer apple with a nice shape, but goes over ripe abd soft very quick, also rot-prone.

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How do you find the flavor of yours.

Did you get the bitterness I detected.?


Not bitter, but once they go past the crisp stage of ripeness and backround color goes from light green to full yellow the flesh is quite mealy.

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Given that this variety is rot prone here in a no-spray environment with a short picking and storage window, I am ruling it out. There are better ones for this season. This tree is located at a neighbor’s. … I do have another strawberry apple- Canadian Strawberry, which is supposed to be superb fresh eating midseason variety

I guess I’ll keep a closer eye on it for next year and will try to hit that moving target.

We shall see.


Mike, did you keep Chenango Strawberry? Did you find it prone to fire blight? I have it in the nursery bed and it’s becoming a problem, light color foliage and probable fire blight strikes. I established Canadian Strawberry this spring and am considering pulling the 3 Chenango Strawberry trees as Jesse suggests they are superior. Anyone else have any experience here, @JesseS ?


I have not had any rot or blight issues with this apple.

My issue with it is that it seems to have a verrry verrry narrow window of peak harvest when it is enjoyable to eat. Very similar to Yellow Tranaparent that @chartman mentioned above.

The fruit is beautiful and the tree never fails to set a good load. But I picked two fruits on the same day that looked identical but one was good and the other so mealy awful that made me flinch when biting into another because I did not know what was coming.

I grafted it over to Golden Harvey and I left just one branch of the Chenango.

Definitely an example Of beauty being only skin deep.

Now just watch someone come on and blast me because they figured out the secret and it is a great apple for them😁


Thanks Mike! I dunno, I haven’t even moved it from the nursery bed and I’m questioning it !